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ISM Stress in Sales #4 Open Roundtable Intentionality in Sales

ISM Stress in Sales #4 Open Roundtable Intentionality in Sales

Stress in Sales - ISM UK Event Series Now in Romania

4th Event - Intentionality in Sales

‘Intentionality’ is a technical term in philosophy, it stands for something familiar to us all: a characteristic feature of our mental states and experiences, especially evident in what we commonly call being “conscious” or “aware”.


Sales Community Premium Members


08 Apr, 6:30 pm

Beautiful, 5, Lunei Str, Bucharest


6:30 pm, Welcoming by Madalina Vechiu, MD Salestrust.eu

7:00 pm Intentionality, introduction in the subject

8:00 Find why Intentionality is relevant for the professional environment

9:30 pm, Wine Networking


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Your Positive Attitude

ISM Stress in Sales is a series of events meant to bring out all the troubles, mistakes, misguided decisions, and demons regarding the sales activity and solve them with the help of members forming the community. This initiative is started by ISM (Institute in Sales Management) in UK in 2018 and is endorsed in Romania by ISM. Looking forward to welcoming all of you onboard.




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