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Contemporan pres. Cezar, Vincentiulian

Contemporan pres. Cezar, Vincentiulian

Contemporan - as the name itself implies, living within the present time means exploring the depths of music through a void that VincentIulian and Cezar are creating through their performances. With a common taste for the depths of jazz and classical music, both artists are inviting the crowd to step into a night guided by the enchanting fusion of genres.


An artist with a distinguished sound, a performer with an established focus: make you want to get lost into his music. Combining his love for jazz with the affair he has for electronic music, VincentIulian introduced himself through a musical presence that cannot be minimized.


One of the pioneers of the local scene known for a flawless and integral production and sets full of sonic force, Cezar has cultivated a genre that continues to thrive around the world. A classical music passionate and a seeker that wants to constantly innovate, the artist is without any doubt a master in both the studio, and behind the booth.


Control Club

Str. Constantin Mille, nr. 4, 010142 București


2019-04-11 - 2019-04-11