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Bucharest Talks #1

Bucharest Talks #1

New year. New us. We’re back in business this year with themed-events and a hot first theme: online dating.📱+❓=❤️⁉️

What is like to go on dates with people you meet online? Where in Bucharest can you take your online date? Happy-end or “thank you, next”? And what’s the future of our dating behaviour?

Talking about “love in times of tinder” will be:

— Ioana Ichim, advertising copywriter

— Radu Umbreș, professor and anthropologist

— Silviu “Faiăr” Istrate, digital strategist (influencer?)

Our A City Made by People printed journal 3rd issue will be there, too!

Special thanks are going to

Commons Unirii for hosting us

Elena Țara for creating the event’s poster

and to

Catleya Wines for drinks

Expat friendly 🌍


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Commons (Unirii)

halelor 5, 030167 București


2019-03-29 - 2019-03-29