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Marțea filmelor - Povești la Replika

Marțea filmelor - Povești la Replika


INTRARE LIBERĂ PE BAZĂ DE REZERVARE la centrulreplika@gmail.com sau 0732.101 860 / 0787.714 551

Limita de vârstă: 16+

Filmele au subtitrare în limba engleză.


1. HIATUS (2017), Switzerland, 12 ' - Director: Kevin Haefelin


In his classroom a philosophy teacher opens the discussion on the place of religion in society. Out of his course he faces the realities of the street.


Beverly Hills Film Festival 2018 - Best Short Film

2. THE LAW OF AVERAGES (2017), USA | Canada, 14 ’ - Director: Elizabeth Rose

FB: The Law of Averages


In the Quebec countryside during a brutal winter, a woman and her adult daughter await the death of their family's matriarch. A dark comedy about the unwitting emotional pain inflicted on mothers and daughters by their families and one another.


Provincetown International Film Festival 2017 - Best Narrative Short

PÖFF Shorts 2017 - Best Student Film

New Hampshire Film Festival 2017

3. THE GREATER GOOD / ZUM WOHLE ALLER (2016), Austria, 21 ’ - Director: Franziska Zaiser

FB: Zum Wohle Aller / The Greater Good


A beautiful summer day, perfect for a family garden party. Not for Thomas, whose mother convinced him to celebrate his 25th birthday in a closed circle with his family. Thomas is in a difficult life phase; his long-term girlfriend left him and his degree appears useless. The last thing he was missing was his father looking down on him and his mother patronizing him. The celebration takes place in familiar ways but Thomas fumes more and more with every conversation. Not even his little sister who he has a good relationship with can save the situation. Today might just be the day to clear the air.


5th LET`S CEE FILMFESTIVAL (Official Selection, Short Film Program, Out of Competition, Vienna, Austria)March 21, 2017

45th FESTIVAL OF NATIONS (Official Selection, Lenzing, Austria) June 2, 2017

23rd PALM SPRINGS INT'L SHORTFEST AND FILM MARKET (Official Selection, Palm Springs, CA, USA)June 20, 2017

15th SHORTS AT MOONLIGHT (Official Selection, Frankfurt, Germany)July 12, 2017

MIDDLE COAST FILM FESTIVAL 2017 (Official Selection, Bloomington, Indiana, USA)August 10, 2017

5th KRALJEVSKI FILMSKI FESTIVAL (Official Selection, Kraljevo, Serbia)August 31, 2017

SHORTS ON TAP - DRAMATHON (Screening, London, UK)October 5, 2017

SHORT TO THE POINT (Official Selection, Romania)November 1, 2017

1st SHORT LONG WORLD FESTIVAL (Official Selection, Santa Cruz de la Sierra, Argentina)November 9, 2017

3rd HOLLYWOOD NORTH FILM FESTIVAL (Official Selection, Belleville, Canada)November 10, 2017

2nd WHITE WHALE INTERNATIONAL NARRATIVE FILM FESTIVAL (Official Selection, Web)November 24, 2017

30th EXGROUND FILMFEST (Official Selection, Wiesbaden, Germany)November 25, 2017

4. EDEN (2016), Portugal, 15 ’ - Director: Ana Pio

FB: Eden


Eden is a period fiction short film based on true facts about a boy in a Portuguese Catholic Seminary, back in 1974, during the Carnation Revolution. It's a story about how challenging authority can lead to freedom.


Toronto Vanguard, Canada, 2019

Shortcutz Porto, Portugal, 2018

BUSHO Budapest Short Film Festival, Hungary, 2018

New Renaissance Film Festival, London, UK, 2018 (WINNER of Women in Film Award)

Queen Palm International Film Festival, USA, 2018 (Bronze WINNER for Best Student Short and Best Student Director)

Independent Shorts Awards, LA, USA, 2018 (Honorable Mention for Best Student Short)

Detroit's Trinity International Film Festival, USA, 2018

Chapter MovieMaker, Cardiff, UK, 2018

PortoFemme - International Film Festival, Portugal, 2018

Derby Film Festival, UK, 2018

Newlyn Film Festival, UK, 2018 (WINNER Best Student Short Film)

Euro Shorts International Film Festival, London, UK, 2018

Shortcutz Lisboa, Portugal, 2018

Madeira Film Festival, Funchal, Portugal, 2018

Feel The Reel International Film Festival, Glasgow, Scotland, 2018 (WINNER Best Student Film)

5. GOLGOTHA / GOLGATA (2016), Finland, 28 ’ - Director: Ulla Heikkilä


Fascinated by Christianity, a young girl learns the meaning of sacrifice and forgiveness after making a deal with God to ensure her parents’ May Day party goes off without a hitch. A pitch-perfect portrait of infantile adults, the hubris of the creative class, and the importance of questioning your beliefs.

6. JETSKI (2015), Belgia, 18 ' - Director: Aäron Beyers


Mohamed wants to go back to Morocco, to the house of his grandparents, where he used to spend his summers with his family. It’s been 8 years and he knows the little village close to the beach has changed. There’s a railroad, a new port, the village became a city. But he wants to go back, maybe just out of curiosity, mostly because he misses those hot summers of doing nothing in Morocco.

To lighten the ‘confrontation’, he brings his friends. As opposed to Mohamed, they go to party and enjoy summer on the beach.


Platforma de Artă Educațională 2018-2019 este un proiect de explorare și cercetare pedagogică a unor teme de maximă relevanță socială și politică, prin intermediul spectacolelor de teatru, cărților, filmelor, dezbaterilor și atelierelor teatrale.


POVEȘTI la REPLIKA începe pe 11 martie cu spectacolul „Interior 0” (producție a Asociației Culturale ADO în parteneriat cu Centrul Replika) și se încheie pe 3 iunie cu „Totul e foarte normal”, o producție Centrul Replika .

În fiecare zi de luni, în perioada martie-iunie, vor fi prezentate spectacole de teatru și cărți, iar în fiecare zi de marți, filme înrudite tematic.


POVEȘTI la REPLIKA face parte din proiectul „Personal/Colectiv. Proiect de Artă Educațională” și este finanțat de AFCN - Programe Multianuale.

„Programul nu reprezintă în mod necesar poziţia Administrației Fondului Cultural Național. AFCN nu este responsabilă de conținutul programului sau de modul în care rezultatele programului pot fi folosite. Acestea sunt în întregime responsabilitea beneficiarului finațării.” ___________________________________________________

Toate spectacolele încep la ora 19.00 urmate de o prezentare de carte.

Toate filmele încep la ora 19.00.


Centrul de Teatru Educațional Replika

Str. Lânăriei 93 - 95, sector 4, 040327 București


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