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Future Ready Recruitment

Future Ready Recruitment

Getting the best talents and making sure we manage to engage them, is an essential part of the success puzzle for every business, whether you are a global large company or a smaller local one.

Day 1 - Gareth Jones: Recruitment & technology

Day one led by Gareth Jones answers how we globalize our talent acquisition and see the whole world as our target for recruitment, when competition for talent is so big and businesses bring wokrforce from all over the world. We will explore and map out the current landscape of the participants recruitment processes and technologies and their specific challenges. This day will also explore where technology can and should play a part in the process. This will include how we properly understand what we are trying to do as wellthe future trends and examples of emerging technologies.

Day 2 - Pilar Bario: Marketing for HR

Day two led by Pilar Barrio helps yout to understand how social media has changed the world of recruitment and HR, create engaging social media content that attracts top talent, showcase your company culture and build your employer brand using video in social platforms and increase employee participation and retention using social media.


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2019-03-27 - 2019-03-27