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Art therapy, music and aroma

Art therapy, music and aroma

When was the last time you painted?

Give yourself a chance to connect with yourself for you to manifest your best future version and let go of all the negative emotions that stand in your way of happiness by using colours, music therapy and aromatherapy.

Art therapy is a tool to make you express your creativity freely.

It is a therapy because with it's help we release all blockages and transfer them on a canvas using colours.

ART THERAPY, Music Therapy and Aroma Therapy are the name of the tools used in this class to make you relax and connect with your wishes.

We will start with a meditation with colours and then we will paint free what will you feel.

*Group class of 10 people

*No experience needed

*All the materials are included

*You can keep your painting

*The class in is english language

* Price is 150 lei/ person

Facilitator - artist Anca Irina Lefter

@Rennaisance art gallery - Bucuresti

The venue is the galerist first apartment build right after revolution in the demolished area behind UNIRII Store by Ceausescu, you can see other parts of Bucharest that combine new communist style and old ( the area was the old Jewish neighborhood that fortunately was not completely demolished ). The space is like an art gallery space type.



2019-05-14 - 2019-05-14